Fine jewelry & accessories ethically hand made by the Tegaa artisans of Gambia.

The distinct and personally curated pieces TEGAA offers are all handmade in Gambia by the working class of artisans whose jewelry and craft has been unique to them and them alone for generations.

These people are known as the TEGAA.

The TEGAA are subjugates of an ancient caste system that has been with the country of Gambia for generations. TEGAA is named after this proud and talented community to honor and advocate for their work, their art and above all their humanity. We strive to promote equality and alleviate poverty.

Gambia is the smallest country in the African continent, but what it lacks in land it makes up for in a beautiful, multifaceted, and powerful culture of fashion, cuisine and art accented with a splash of color.

While striving to bring Gambian art and culture to the world, TEGAA promises to give back by donating 5% of every purchase to Power Up Gambia, a non-profit dedicated to providing solar powered electricity and water facilities to hospitals and clinics in Gambia.

We are also on a neverending mission of sustainability and promise to use natural products and environmentally friendly practices whenever we can in the production of TEGAA.

photo credit: Anjelica Jardiel

photo credit: Anjelica Jardiel


Nay started sketching designs before she even knew who “designers” were. Born in New York and raised in Gambia, Nay traveled globally with a diplomat father.

This nomadic lifestyle developed her sense of finding the energy, depth and unique artistry that defines a culture.

Her wonder turned into creativity when she started sketching designs incorporating the native cultures and fashions seen during her family's travels. That, combined with the taste from a discerning mother, Nay was able to cultivate her style of taste, uniqueness and beauty. 

As long as she can remember, Nay has wanted to "put Gambia on the map". Her years of living abroad showed her how little people knew of her country & her culture and she knew there was no better way to share that than through the beauty of the work of the country's artisans. An advocate for fair trade and sustainable fashion, she hopes to inspire a positive socio-economic change in the lives of the Tegaa artisans and the country of Gambia as a whole by bringing you one-of-a-kind ethically made goods. Nay hopes to share the beauty of her country with the world.